Sharp Lines. Impeccable Details. Professional Service.

Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, eVowood Carpentry, LLC provides custom woodwork and finish carpentry services to homeowners, general contractors, designers, and commercial property owners. We deliver high quality projects on schedule, at a fair price, with a responsive and professional team.

At eVowood Carpentry, LLC, we take the utmost pride in each cut we make knowing that when our work has been completed it often becomes a centerpiece of your home. We approach each custom woodwork project with our core values in mind: reliability, attention to detail, quality, professionalism, and consistency.

We set doors, trim windows, install crown moldings and baseboards, custom build closet shelving and storage, hand build custom beams and mantles, construct detailed wall and ceiling paneling, and ornate stairways. We even install the hardware throughout and also work on custom exterior woodwork projects. We provide all these services,and other high-end fine woodworking, in every type of residential and numerous commercial applications.

Thank you for choosing eVowood Carpentry, LLC.
We look forward to producing quality woodwork and finish carpentry for your home.